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The relaxing massage gestures during a facial can nourish your skin from deep and helps to remove stress. A good facial can clean your face and give you natural glow.


Get shiny and smooth skin from waxing with professionals in smita makeover. Here, Skin services are provided by our experts who know which product suits your skin type.


Smita makeover provides well balanced manicure & pedicure. Our experts try to give you organic manicure and pedicure sessions. And gives you the best massage to relax your muscles.

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Every girl has dreamed of her perfect skin since her childhood, and Smita Makeover thrives on making her skin more glowing and scars free by adding the sparkles. Smita Makeover understands the importance of a perfect skin for the girl; therefore, we render professional services to our customers. Modern-day girls ask for the professional Bollywood for skin services to look for perfect skin, and Smita Makeovers leaves no stone unturned to meet their par. Our skincare service is done by a team of well-trained professionals with years of experience.

  • Beautiful and gorgeous skin provided by professionals
  • Advantage of perfect and professional skin professionals delivered to you.
  • Present our services with flexibility, convenience and multipurpose.
  • Train our beautician for our clients.
  • Ultimate skin services are available.
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399 - 1499

  • Clean up facial – fruit: – 399/-
  • Advance cleanup facial: – 599/-
  • Lotus cleans up: – 699/-
  • Vitalift facial: – 1499/-

149 - 599

  • Full arm wax (normal): – 299/-
  • Full leg wax (normal): – 499/-
  • Bikini wax (Rica): – 599/-
  • Under arm wax (Rica): – 149/-
Body Massage

2999 - 3 499

  • Body polishing: – 2999/-
  • Bridal facial: – 2999/-
  • Advance facial + D-Tan: – 3499/-
  • Advance facial + D-Tan: – 3499/-
We provide all beauty services under one roof
Beautiful and well equipped to provide professionals for our academy to teach

Smita makeover academy provides India’s upcoming Beauty professionals because we give you the platform for learning and earning from your dreams. We believe that knowledge is everything that’s why we believe and provide complete knowledge to our students. Here facial service is available for you.

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